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America Bless God

I am President and Owner of Kentuckiana
Business Brokers with my wife, Margaret.
We have successfully been in the brokerage since 2002.
I have been in business for myself for 25+ years.
Having owned various types and sizes of businesses
gives me the knowledge I need to be a business broker , knowing the day to day operations, payroll, legal aspects, employee relations,advertising, marketing, etc.

We do things a little different here at Kentuckiana Business Brokers, my clients pick two or three businesses that they would like to own. Then we go out and find the business that you like, makes sense and one that you can manage.

We assist entrepreneurs with finding great opportunities of business ownership

by buying existing businesses.  We assist business owners in the confidential sale of their business.


However, an important consideration in business brokerage is how to market something that the owner does not want anyone to know about. We provide the confidentiality required to sell your business without jeopardizing your business in the process.


                             Increasing the Value of your Business

Placing a value on a business is one of the first steps that we complete at Kentuckiana Business Brokers. Establishing an accurate market value is paramount to a successful transaction. The actual valuation can be a complicated and intricate process. Of course, the higher revenue and profits a company makes usually translates into a higher selling price.  However, there are real-world factors that some businesses have that allow them to sell for a premium.  


I and my lovely wife, Margaret work hand and hand in bringing buyers and

sellers together with RESULTS, also known as the Win-Win -

The American Dream.


The Eurton's

Tony and Margaret

2829 Silver Creek Drive

New Albany, In. 47150